Asus Expects a Rebound in Traditional PC Sales is Around the Corner

Paul Lilly

Asus chairman isn't sweating the impact of tablets on traditional PCs

Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones took a toll on traditional desktop and laptop PCs, but they were never going to replace them entirely. Tablet growth has slowed considerably , and with Microsoft recently ending support for Windows XP , many in the industry expect to see a rebound in traditional PC shipments. According to Asus chairman Jonney Shih, traditional PC shipments will rise significantly in the second half of this year.

Shih revealed his prediction at the company's 2014 shareholders meeting on Tuesday, Digitimes reports . The way Shih sees it, consumers are interested in tables for entertainment and PCs for work.

Asus isn't picking one side over the other. As demand for mobile and traditional PCs overlap, the company will launch new products for each sector, including new smartphone models, tablets, and PCs. The company will also continue to cater to the DIY and pre-built markets -- Asus is currently the largest supplier of branded motherboards with 10.4 million mobo shipments in the first quarter.

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