Asus Expects High-End Monitors to Bolster LCD Shipments

Paul Lilly

Asus is aiming to be an even more aggressive player in the LCD market and expects to increase monitor shipments by double digits in 2011. Overall, Asus plans to ship 4.5 million LCD monitors around the world, with a particular focus in North America and Europe. Not all of these will be entry-level units either, which is where Asus has focused most of its attention up to this point.

According to DigiTimes , 2011 is the year Asus makes a concerted effort to expand its product line to include high-end panels intended for enthusiasts and professionals. It's already begun, with Asus recently shipping its professional series PA246Q 24-inch monitor in the United States. The PA246Q sports a 10-bit P-IPS panel, 12-bit Look Up Table (LUT), Picture-in-Picture, built-in memory card reader, and a few other features for $500 street. We've played with one of these in person and it looks as though Asus is off to a great start.

Asus expects shipments of the PA246Q and other professional level displays to account for 10 percent of its LCD business in 2011. Whether or not that will include a 30-inch panel remains to be seen, though Asus did say it's planning a 27-inch version for its PA line.

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