Asus Eee PC 1015P, 1016P, 1018p Netbooks to Launch at CeBIT

Maximum PC Staff

Asus is preparing to bust out three new Eee PC netbooks at CeBit in March: the 1015P, 1016P, and the 1018P.

Each of the new models will sport a 10-inch screen, a chiclet keyboard, a webcam, a double array microphone, and a promised 14-hours of battery life for the 1015P and 1016P. Cases will be made of aluminum.

The 1018P will be slimmer than its compatriots, and will come with USB 3.0. Unfortunately, its battery will provide power for only ten hours.

Sadly, information on the guts of each machine is unknown. Full details will most likely emerge when they show themselves at CeBit.

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