Asus Demos Eee PC Tablet Netbook


Confused by all the Eee PC models there are to choose from? Get ready for yet another iteration of Asus' tiny mobile PC, only these are unlike any previous Eee PCs you've ever seen before.

Adding to its lineup, Asus is busy showing off a pair of Tablet PCs, the Eee PC T91 and the Eee PC T101H. The former comes with a smaller 8.9-inch LED backlit touchscreen display, whereas the latter model jumps to a 10.1-inch screen.

Both models sport a combination of Windows XP Home with SP3 and a customized Asus interface for touchscreen functionality. From a hardware standpoint, Asus isn't saying a whole lot, save for indicating the smaller T91 Tablet will use Intel's Atom Z520 processor and can be configured with both a GPS and TV tuner.

Check out this video of the UI in action.

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