Asus Cranks Nvidia's GTX 550 Ti to 1015MHz

Paul Lilly

Asus is being anything but timid with Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 550 Ti videocard. Nvidia's reference design specifies a 900MHz graphics clock, but as third-party manufactures are prone to ask, why stop there? Asus didn't and instead chose to overclock the GPU to 975MHz on its new GTX550 Ti DirecCU TOP Edition card, and 1015MHz on its Extreme edition model.

According to Asus, these overclocked cards use "top-grade cores," though that's only half the equation. The other secret to this sauce involves replacing the stock heatsink/fan with its own custom cooling solution that consists of all-copper heatpipes making direct contact with the GPU. This makes it easier to transfer heat, resulting in up to a 20 percent cooler running card than reference when under a full load.

Asus also touts "Super Alloy Power quality components," which consists of of a custom alloy mixture for power delivery components. If you're the type that holds onto your PC hardware for years on end, Asus says its Super Alloy Power graphics cards carry an average lifespan 2.5 times that of a generic card.

No word on price, though we did spot the TOP edition selling on Newegg for $160 plus shipping. We couldn't find the Ultimate model.

Image Credit: Asus

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