Asus Confirms Transformer Prime GPS Issues With New Dongle Accessory Shipping April 16th

Maximum PC Staff

The Asus Transformer Prime is far and away one of the most popular Android tablets on the market, and while that isn’t saying much, we were still a bit surprised when consumer reports left it off the list of best tablets in favor of the Sony TabletP. It’s far from a perfect device, but it does at the very least offer a few innovative features for those who still feel the iPad is an oversized iPod Touch. Owners of the device seem to have relatively few complaints, however the GPS has always been a sore spot. Turn by turn navigation apps have been all but unusable, and teardowns have identified that it may in-fact be a design flaw.

Asus on the other hand refused to acknowledge the issue, and presumably were hoping the internet fervor would die down. Cooler heads have prevailed however, and Asus has not only admitted the problem, but they have confirmed that an add on GPS dongle will start shipping on April 16th . Xda-developers who claim to have seen the dongle describe it as “minimalist”, and that it connects to the Transformers proprietary connector.

We won’t know until April 16th if Asus plans to give the accessory away for free, though it seems like the only fair thing to do given the circumstances.

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