Asus Claims 70 Percent Share of Intel X79 Series Motherboard Market

Paul Lilly

Nearly three out of four people rocking an Intel X79 system are sitting pretty on top of an Asus brand motherboard. That's the conclusion you can draw from the company's claim that its X79 series motherboards have gone on to grab a global market share of 70 percent of all boards built around Intel's enthusiast chipset, and it isn't the only one Asus says it's dominating.

Intel Z68 and P67 series motherboards from Asus have attained a global market share of 50-60 percent, Asus said according to a DigiTimes report . If these numbers are accurate, it bodes well for Asus as Intel gets ready to usher in new Ivy Bridge parts. Asus said it will start shipping Ivy Bridge motherboards and 7 series chipsets towards the end of February 2012.

Looking back, Asus claims it shipped 23.5 million motherboards in 2011, a number it plans to trump in 2012. By the end of this year, Asus hopes it will have shipped 25 million boards, an attainable goal that would fly in the face of PC doomsayers.

Image Credit: Asus

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