Asus Announces Ultra-Slim LED Monitors

Paul Lilly

Asus today added four new models to its Designo Series, including the MS248, MS238, MS228, and MS208. All four boast an eco-friendly, ultra-slim design with 16.5mm profiles and range in size from 20 inches to 20.3 inches.

On the lower end, the MS208 sports a 1600 x 900 screen resolution with a 5ms response time. The other three up the ante to a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a faster 2ms response time. The MS228 adds an HDMI audio-out port, while the MS238 and MS248 also include an earphone jack (for HDMI only).

Asus says all four units are easy on the environment, thanks in large part eschewing bulbs in favor of mercury-free LED backlit panels. According to Asus, the LED monitors reduce energy consumption levels by 45 percent, enough to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 23.6kg per year, the equivalent of planting 1.9 trees that can contribute two years worth of oxygen for a family of four.

Image Credit: Asus

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