Asus and iBuyPower Announce Partnership That Brings Optiboost to Asus Desktops

Sean D Knight

Optiboost experience expanding

It appears that iBuyPower isn’t done expanding the reach of its customization program Optiboost. Today, iBuyPower announced its partnership with Asus that will bring Optiboost to Asus desktops .

Commenting on its latest partnership, iBuyPower vice-president Darren Su said, “We’re proud to add Asus to the Optiboost family. Asus and iBuyPower aim to bring the best desktop experience to a wide variety of consumers through trusted product engineering, cutting-edge customization, and turning options.”

Consumers will be able to customize core components of their systems such as the graphics card, SSD or HDD, processor, and more. A number of high-performance options have been selected from Asus' desktop line for the Optiboost program that includes the M11AD, M51BC, M51AD, and G10AC desktops.

“Asus believes in bringing the latest product design backed by leading desktop reliability to customers,” said David Wung, senior director of product management of open platform business for Asus. “With Optiboost by iBuyPower, users will easily be able to customize their own systems while taking advantage of Asus’ latest desktop technology.”

Asus is just the latest partnership for iBuyPower. Back in May, a similar partnership was announced between iBuyPower and Gigabyte that would bring Optiboost to Gigabyte’s gaming laptops.

Have you purchased a laptop or PC through the Optiboost program?

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