Asus and Gigabyte Both Shipping Revised Sandy Bridge Systems

Paul Lilly

The fallout from Intel's Sandy Bridge snafu is almost a thing of the past. Most OEMs have already begun shipping new systems built around revised Sandy Bridge boards, and you can add both Asus and Gigabyte to that list as well. Both companies, along with MSI, have B3 revision 6-series motherboards shipping in retail channels, and later this month, the first two will start shipping new systems unaffected by the earlier bug.

According to DigiTimes , Gigabyte is gearing up to launch its 15.6-inch P2532 notebook based on the the revised Sandy Bridge platform. This system was designed in-house and will hit the retail channel sometime this month.

Asus, meanwhile, has launched a handful of new notebooks and desktops. One of those is the flagship CG8350 with an Intel Core i7 2600 processor, 6GB of DDR3 memory, and Nvidia GeForce GTX460 graphics. Asus also launched the mainstream CM6650 with an Intel Core i5 2300 and 4GB of RAM.

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