ASRock's Bitcoin Mining Motherboards Each Supports 6 Graphics Cards

Paul Lilly

Live out your dream of being a real-life miner

So here it is, black sheep, your shot at going against the grain and becoming a modern day miner while the rest of your family pursues careers in the field of medicine, law, science, or whatever else they're doing. ASRock has your back with a pair of motherboards designed specifically with Bitcoin mining in mind. Each board supports half a dozen graphics cards, allowing you to mine for virtual currency like a madman, if that's your thing.

Let's step back. If you haven't been following the whole Bitcoin craze, this short YouTube video (embedded below) will get you up to speed on what Bitcoins are and how they're mined:

Today, a single Bitcoin is worth around $785. Just two days ago, they were worth around $500 a pop. Bitcoins are currently surging, though they're also prone to dramatic dips in value, such as when the FBI busted a website called Silk Road that was selling illegal drugs and dealing exclusively with Bitcoin currency.

In any event, if you want to become a miner, ASRock has two boards of interest: H61 Pro BTC and H81 Pro BTC . Both sport six PCi-E slots and extra four-pin connectors. The primary difference between the two comes down to processor support; the H61 Pro BTC is an LGA1155 board with support for up to Ivy Bridge, and the H81 Pro BTC is an LGA1150 board for Haswell chips.

Whether or not you're interested in either one, it's kind of neat to see ASRock think outside the box and come up with unique slabs of silicon. In addition to Bitcoin mining boards, ASRock recently announced a mobo with 22 SATA slots .

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