ASRock, BMW Put the SFF Pedal to the Metal and Crash the Living Room



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fugly, but I do appreciate ASROCK. Their products are always innovative and in my experience, very reliable.



Meh. I imagine it's going to be expensive and underwhelming. They're trying to sell you on the notion that it "looks" like it does more. But people dumb enough to fall for that line already own Macs.



I thought this was cool a few months ago but the longer I have looked at it I am thinking leans more to the tacky side and also the length too long. I still prefer the honest looks and design of the Sg06 lite and even the Silverstone ft03 mini. One fan designs are the best keeping things as simple and quiet as possible while also being right sized. You dont need a big case to run one ssd, no optical and one graphics card. How many people really need more then a 780gtx?



I would love to see an AMD FM2 version of this. I already build low power gaming machines. I think I could fit a respectable set of hardware in there with that PSU. And having a SFF gaming machine is fun, although it's harder to manage noise in smaller spaces. It would be a neat experiment at least.



It could be worse, I'm going to label the look as garish. Does anyone like the car wheels that have one red spoke? In a similar fashion this case has one red corner. I'm interested in the small form factor units, but this unit just looks like a modified XBox to me. The magnetic case panels are a really cool idea though. The offset vent on the top ... meh, Qbert wants it back.

I just want to call out some laughs from the marketing team(s) at work here:

"... the chassis exudes the elegance of simplicity, meanwhile the red and black color scheme screams out hardcore gaming."

"Intensive Heat Dissipation Mechanisms" --- AKA Fans

"Imagine yourself as a desperado riding into the sunset, an outcast of the society exiled from your country, or simply at the groceries two blocks away from home." --- bwhahahaha

All these and more can be found on the product web page(s). Consumers who buy bare bones systems to build their own rigs probably shouldn't be talked down to so much. In my experience they need the specs, the facts and lots of good pictures. This microsite is skewing comical instead of "buy our stuff and take us seriously."