ASRock Shows Off Transformer-Themed X79 Mobos

Brad Chacos

Want a little bit more Autobot in your PC’s life? While everybody was busy making a big deal out of Habro’s trademark lawsuit against the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime – ourselves included – another manufacturer quietly showed off some Transformer-related PC hardware of its own, and these components look like they may actually be licensed! Late last week, ASRock plopped concept pics of Optimus Prime- and Bumblebee-branded X79 mobos up on its Facebook page . Suddenly, the Hasbro suit makes a little more sense.

ASRock is no stranger to the LGA 2011 socket; it already offers a bevy of X79 boards, including a “Professional” X79 mobo bearing the Fatal1ty name . For what it’s worth, TechPowerUp points out that the X79 Optimus Prime and the X79 Bumblebee (as they’re called in the Facebook pics) look just like ASRock’s existing X79 Extreme9, but with fancier pant jobs.

Would you be more likely to pick up a Transformer-themed board than a stock mobo? Which looks better to you, X79 Optimus Prime or X79 Bumblebee? I’ve always been an Optimus kind of guy, but I’m kind of groovin’ on the yellow and black Bumblebee board.

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