ASRock Sets Lofty Goal of 9 Million Motherboard Shipments in 2010


You've heard of the saying about aiming for the moon, so that even if you miss, you'll still be among the stars. For ASRock, that means trying to ship 9 million motherboards this year, or 7 million more than the company shipped in 2009.

Should the company meet its goal, ASRock would become the third largest mobo vendor behind Asus and Gigabyte, stars in their own right. That's an appealing notion to ASRock chairman Ted Hsu, who said his company is currently working on building its brand recognition.

In addition to motherboards, ASRock also plans to expand its branded PC business, mostly in Europe, as well as introduce a smart surveillance system product line. But unlike some of its competitors, ASRock says it has no intention of jumping into the highly competitive graphics card market.

Image Credit: ASRock

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