ASRock Ready to Roll with Windows 8, First to Receive Official Certification

Paul Lilly

Have you ever seen a peacock spread its feathers for all to see as it struts casually and confidently with its head held high? That's ASRock, the spunky company spun-off by Asus a decade ago and owned by Asus subsidiary Pegatron Corporation, which gleefully claims it's the first motherboard manufacturer in the world to pass Windows 8 hardware certification.

"ASRock is the real winner in Windows 8 competition," ASRock said in a statement . Added James Lee, ASRock Vice President of Sales and Marketing, "As a leader in mobo industry, it's our mission to bring the most fresh tech kit to users. Starting at ASRock motherboard, any ignoramus was able to reach every aspect of hardware. Users were able to select the right motherboard for their requirements."

Something was obviously lost in translation, but clearly the company is stoked about its Windows 8 stamp of approval as it looks to "bring the top class tech stuffs." ASRock didn't say which specific motherboard models are ready to go Metro, other than the H61M-HVS , which appears in one of a handful of pictures accompanying the announcement. The H61M-HVS is an entry-level socket 1155 motherboard with two dual-channel DDR3 memory slots, a single PCI-E x16 slot, a PCI-E x1 slot, four SATA 3Gbps ports, and various other odds and ends.

Windows 8 is currently available to download in Release Preview form. No official release date has been set, though it's widely believed the final version will ship in October.

Image Credit: ASRock

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