ASRock Eyes Tablet Market

Paul Lilly

Asus subsidiary ASRock, which recently leapfrogged ahead of both MSI and ECS to take third place in the motherboard market, is planning to dive head first into the tablet market, perhaps as soon as the second quarter of 2011, DigiTimes reports .

ASRock's VP of Sales, Li Jun-Ying, says it will tap into Pegatron Technology to produce the devices, though the company has yet to decide on whether to build a 7-inch slate or a 10-inch tablet. What is certain, however, is that ASRock is only interested in building around Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor and Google's Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) platform, a potent combination that's sure to show up in a number of mobile devices as the year goes on.

The company didn't reveal any potential price points, but if ASRock sticks to the same philosophy it follows for making motherboards, it's likely they'll try to cram in a number of features at attractive price points.

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