Revamps Its Engine from the Ground Up

Paul Lilly

Can anyone challenge Google's dominance in the search arena? Right now the answer is 'no,' but don't tell that the The search site that started out as a verb (as opposed to Google, whose overwhelming popularity in pop culture forced it to be officially recognized in the English language) has gone back to the drawing board, much like Wile E. Coyote did time and again in vain attempts to catch up to the Road Runner.

Starting today, will roll out a completely revamped version of its search engine, which is the first time it has been rebuilt since Jim Safka took over Jim Lanzone's position as chief executive in January (Safka previously held the same position at's makeover includes search results from "structured" sources of data. For example look up Cops and you'll find not only the typical bevy of URLs, but also TV listings for when the next episode will air. Search results also come faster than they did before.

But is a faster, smarter search engine enough to propel out of its position as the fourth most popular search?

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