Ask the Doctor: Play It All


Doc, I need some help! Using what I learned from your mag, I built a small home theater PC. Everything is good, except when I want to watch a movie I have ripped (I use SlySoft AnyDVD). I don’t know how to get the movie to run in one piece. I have to play the movie in sections. I have Nero 7 and PowerDVD but it happens the same way with either.

—Denny Morris
Provided you ripped the movie correctly, all you have to do is select the correct source. In PowerDVD, open the video_ts.ifo file, which should let you play the whole movie straight through, or skip between chapters, even turn subtitles on, just like a physical DVD. We also recommend the VLC player ( ), a free media player which has no trouble playing ripped DVDs (just point it at the containing folder). Check out Will Smith’s DVD-ripping feature in the March 2009 issue for more!

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