Ask the Doctor: 32 to 64


My current PC, which has Windows XP professional 32-bit installed, is dying. I have begun ordering hardware for my new rig from Newegg. I am a college student and recently found out that I can get a student discount from Microsoft on a Windows Vista upgrade. Can a 32-bit version of XP be upgraded to a 64-bit version of Vista? If so, what’s the best way to do so? I know I will have to call Microsoft for a new XP keycode, as my hardware will be entirely different, but I’ve gone through that process before.

Kevin White

According to Microsoft, you can’t upgrade a 32-bit version of XP to a 64-bit version of Vista. However, you can install a clean 64-bit Vista OS from an upgrade disc. But since you’re building a new rig, that shouldn’t be much of an issue; you’ll want a clean install anyway. You’ll have to start the install process from the Vista DVD, as the 64-bit installer will not run on your old 32-bit Windows install. And, of course, be sure to back up all your documents and data before you start.

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