Ashampoo Issues Malware Warning Following Data Breach

Paul Lilly

German software maker Ashampoo offers a wide range of system utilities and applications ranging from DVD burning software to 3D CAD tools. The only problem is some Ashampoo customers might be getting more than they bargained for. In a letter posted on its website, Ashampoo said that hackers gained access to one of its servers, stole customer names and email addresses, and have been sending out malware infected files to said customers.

On the bright side, Ashampoo says that no billing or credit card information was compromised, just names and email addresses. Ashampoo also said it discovered the break-in right away and plugged up the security gap that caused all the fuss. However, customers aren't entirely in the clear. Ashampoo says to be on the lookout for alleged order confirmation emails which contain a manipulated PDF document as an attachment.

"If you for example receive a confirmation of an order from PurelyGadgets or another company without having made an appropriate purchase there, please do not open the attachment and delete the e-mail immediately," Ashampoo says.

PurelyGadgets is a U.K. e-tailer that scammers have been spoofing by sending out fake order confirmations.

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