Asetek Unveils Water Cooled All-in-One Prototype

Paul Lilly

The problem with all-in-one (AIO) PCs is that the crammed confines don't offer the same cooling potential as a typical desktop, and so lower end components end up being used. Well, get ready to change the way you look at AIOs.

Asetek, which provides self-contained liquid cooling solutions to OEMs, has come up with a prototype all-in-one that's completely water cooled. Measuring no thicker than an iMac at 58mm, the prototype setup

consists of an Intel Core i7 920 processor and GeForce GTX 280M. The two combined consume over 200W.

As showcased in a YouTube video, Asetek hides a high-performance radiator, low noise fans, and a proprietary low-profile pump all within the vertical stand. A couple cold plates attach to the CPU and GPU, keeping the whole thing cool and potentially opening the door to high-end gaming in an AIO form factor.

YouTube Video

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