As Redmond Preps "Windows Cloud", the "Cloud Wars" Begin


"Windows Cloud" is the code name for a new operating system that will make its debut at Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference later this month, InfoWorld reports .

It's no secret that Microsoft has been developing what it calls "software plus services" for some time now. In addition to SharePoint, Exchange, and Dynamic CRM software for enterprise and business clients, the list of S+S from Microsoft also includes the home and small-business-oriented Windows Live family, which has just been upgraded .  So, what exactly will be in "Windows Cloud" (or whatever its actual name will be)?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dropped a few hints in a London speech earlier this week, as quoted by UK's The Register :

Just like Windows Server looked a lot like Windows but with new properties, new characteristics and new features, so will Windows Cloud look a lot like Windows Server.

Some features Baller mentioned to El Reg include geo replication, commingled apps, management modeling, and an SOA model. If these comments are correct, "Windows Cloud" won't be for the home user, but cubicle dwellers and users of public Internet terminals might find themselves "in the cloud" in the not-too-distant future.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft will find that "Windows Cloud" is competing with other Microsoft programs, albeit hosted by rival Amazon Web Services: Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (aka Amazon EC2) will be opened up to run Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server, reports ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley.

It's going to be interesting to see whose vision of "cloud computing" wins out - or if there's room for more than one player on the server/developer side.

Photography by Mark Edward Soper .

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