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Hawking Technology 300N Dish Network Adapter

Hawking Dish AdapterIf you wander far from your 802.11n Draft 2.0 router, you’ll want to know about Hawking Technology’s 300N Dish Network Adapter. This not-so-little dish antenna delivers outstanding range without the need to drop your network down to 802.11g mode to support it.

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IntelliScanner Mini

It’s estimated that two percent of the population suffers from OCD;
IntelliScanner’s business model seems predicated on being able to
capture but a small fraction of this fraction of the populace, for only
the most compulsive of collectors—like me—will find a use for this
product. However, if you are an obsessive collector of media—and you
have a reasonable amount of disposable income—the IntelliScanner Mini
might very well become a lifelong companion.

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790FX Hoedown

Looking for the AMD 790FX motherboard reviews promised in the July 2008 issue? Look no further! Reviews of the MSI K9A2 Platinum and the Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe Wi-Fi are linked after the jump!

MSI K9A2 Platinum