Shure E4g Earbuds

Little, yellow, and definitely kick ass, the Shure E4g Earbuds pack a punch even with their diminuitive size.

Apricorn EZ Bus Mini

It might not win any beauty contests, but that doesn't keep the EZ Minibus from winning our hearts.

Antec P150

Silence is a virtue, and this Antec case doesn't flap it's jaws.


Canon EOS 5D

Look into the viewfinder of a consumer-grade digital SLR and you’ll notice a startling difference compared with a film camera and the same lens: Your view is cropped, in much the same way black bars crop a widescreen movie to fit an older TV.

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Dell XPS

1TB of storage, dual cores, and overclocking... on a Dell? When you’re the No. 1 PC manufacturer on planet Earth, it’s hard to make machines that will appeal to Auntie Wendy while fronting an attitude that appeals to gamers and the power user elite.

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