Memorex U3 TravelDrive

Unlike your usual set of keys, it's okay to leave your house without this one.


Corsair Nautilus 500

Corsair claims its new Nautilus kit is both affordable and easy to install, while providing exceptional cooling performance. And we’re happy to report that the kit meets most of Corsair’s claims.

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25 to Life

Whoever said that 'bad guys have more fun' obviously didn't play the pitiful 25 to Life.

Peter Jackson's King Kong

Storm your way through the jungles and cityscapes as the mightiest ape the world has ever known in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Game.


Oregon Scientific ATC-1000 DV Cam

We described Samsung’s SC-X105L Sports Cam as being “perfect for capturing your best Jackass moments” when we reviewed it in January 2006. Oregon Scientific’s ATC-1000 could be that little camera’s even littler brother.

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ATI Radeon X1900 XTX

Allow ATI to take you on a magic carpet ride and show you a whole new world of graphics with the X1900 XTX.


Dell Inspiron E1705

If you’re limited to a notebook PC, you’ve no doubt been wrought with envy as your desktop buddies brag about their dual-core processors. Well, suffer no more! You aren’t stuck with single-core anymore!

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Well, what more would you expect from a game called 'Gun,' hmm?