Creative Zen Vision: M

You know a device has a great user interface when someone utterly unfamiliar with it accomplishes a task within 10 seconds of picking it up. Apple’s iPods pass this test with aplomb; Creative’s Zen Vision: M utterly fails it. It’s a significant flaw in an otherwise terrific media player.

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Gigabyte i-RAM

As seekers of all-out performance, it’s only natural that we’d covet super-fast RAM for storage duties, but there have always been obstacles to this fantasy scenario. The first is cost, as RAM is crazy-expensive per gig compared with hard drives. Second, RAM is volatile memory: When it loses its electric charge all the data goes bye-bye, so if you put your OS on a RAM drive and then unplug the machine—D’oh! Simply put, RAM drives just aren’t very practical. Still, the idea is intriguing, and Gigabyte’s i-RAM actually works extremely well and overcomes the aforementioned obstacles, but we do have a few complaints.

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Netgear XE104

Say goodbye to slow network speeds as you blaze by with the Powerline's extreme 85 megabit data transfer rate.


Flex that grey matter in your head solving puzzles and riddles in Perplexcity, and you may be on your way to winning $200,000!

Star Wars: Empire at War

Rile your fellow Ewoks and Wookies and take up arms in a Star Wars strategy game.


Thermaltake Bigwater 745

The previous version of Thermaltake’s Bigwater received a smackdown from us last year, and though this new kit is significantly improved, it still suffers a fatal flaw.

The biggest change to the kit is the addition of a second radiator. That’s right, the kit sports two radiators—one large, one small. You’ll bolt the small one to the rear of your case, and set up the second double-wide radiator on four little feet outside your case.

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Stealth Surfer II Privacy Stick

Are you being watched? Between the Feds conducting warrant-less wiretaps and companies monitoring their employees’ web-surfing habits, the notion of privacy is as quaint as a PS/2 port. The Stealth Surfer II can’t help with your phone conversations, but it will cover your online tracks—at least most of them.

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Lian Li PC-777 Memorial Edition

The mollusk-modeled styles of Lian-Li PC's houses a not-so-squishy interior and a propensity to speed.

Kingwin SK-523BKW

The stately name wasn't just carelessly picked. The Kingwin is a true king among PC's and is a definite win in our books.