ThermalTakeTyphoon Mini

This cooler’s predecessor is the Big Typhoon—a great cooler, as long as your PC doesn’t have a side door. You see, that cooler is so damn big that it extends almost all the way to the door of most cases, depriving the cooler of a source of fresh air. Thermaltake recognized the issue and thus the Mini Typhoon was born.

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Asus PhysX P1/128MB

Ageia's new physics accelerator could push your games to the next level, but does the hardware deliver?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Turn off your lights and light up some torches for some sword-swinging action and adventure from Bethesda.

Squeezebox 3

Stream music to anywhere in your house with a tiny box handling all the hard work.

Zalman VF900-CU

Unbelievabely fast frame rates makes the VF900-Cu almost too hot to handle. Literraly.

XFX GeForce 7900 GTX

Prepare to be sucked into your seat with XFX's extremely powerful Geforce 7900 GTX.

Velocity Micro Gamer's Edge DualX

The velocity certainly isn't micro in this PC, sporting some sexy speeds in gaming and beyond.


Alienware Aurora M7700

We’ve come to realize that there are two kinds of Maximum PC readers: The first is the standard Joe or Jane who has four desktop machines at home to do all the heavy lifting. For these users, a small, low-power notebook is more than sufficient.

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Maxtor One Touch III Turbo

Backup drives are usually pretty bland and uninteresting, consisting of just a drive mounted inside a plastic shell. Not this time! Maxtor has managed to tickle our Geek-spot by wedging two 500GB drives inside a sexy rubber lunchbox, and adding a dash of RAID for spice. It all amounts to one hell of a drive, and it’s the new end-all, be-all backup drive as far as we’re concerned.

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