Tomb Raider: Legend

Lara and the twins are back again, in an updated version of the classic franchise that made male gamers everywhere jump up and rejoice.

Kensington SX 2000 Speakers

A sailor will always tell you to check where you dock before you commit to anything. There's still some truth in that old maxim.


Wolfking Timber Wolf

If we were grading on sex appeal alone, the Timber Wolf would skip to the head of the class. Its unique shape and two-tone color scheme instantly catch the eye, and gaming on the keyboard is sublime. When it comes time to work, however, we’re not so easily seduced; indeed, we have serious concerns about embarking on a long-term relationship with this board.

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Monarch Computer Systems Nemesis 2

Get your green on with Monarch's newest showing, Nemesis 2. The big green giant will be pleased.


Diamond XtremeSound

We were so in love with the old Diamond Monster Sound that it wasn’t until our recent move that we finally sent the unsupported, driverless card to hardware Valhalla.

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Coolit Freezone

We all know that water-cooling delivers more cooling power to the CPU than air-cooling does, but even water-cooling has an Achilles’ heel. It can’t achieve temperatures below the ambient room temperature. The Coolit Freezone gets around this limitation by using six thermoelectric coolers (TEC), aka Peltier coolers, to chill the water to below room temps. It’s a fantastic idea, and it seems like the best CPU cooler ever made, on paper. In practice, however, it’s not quite as awesome as we expected.

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Altec Lansing iM11

Altec Lansing's inMotion iM11 is an even smaller portable speaker/docking station than the iM5 model we reviewed in January, and we like it just a bit more than its portlier sibling.

LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth II

If you're looking for a sophisticated RTS that innovates and really pushes the genre forward, The Battle for Middle-Earth II is definitely not for you.

Logitech Wireless Music System for PC

Logitech's Wireless Music System for PC uses the same basic technology as the company's Wireless Music System for iPod we reviewed in July, but we're not nearly as fond of it.