New Tech DualPhone

Double cheeseburgers, dual videocards, Nickelodeon Double Dare. Things that come in pairs always seem to be good, and the Dualphone is no exception. Plug in the phone, hook up its base via USB to your computer, and plug in the phone line. As long as you have Skype installed, you can receive and make calls via your computer through your Skype connection.

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Ultra Aluminus

The Aluminus is one of the lightest cases we've ever lifted & honestly, it's like holding an empty beer can.


Sonos Digital Music System: ZP-80 Bundle

ALERT: Your days of having to stream music through your PC are over! Sonos now delivers the ability to stream straight from Rhapsody!

PC Design Lab Qmicra

So you want to create a DIY PC using all of today's white-phosphorous-hot components and the requisite hefty power supply, and you want it to be small? Impossible? Maybe not.


Crucial Gizmo OverDrive

Crucial pulled out all the stops with its new Gizmo Overdrive key. This drive roars past everything but Corsair’s fastest offerings.

The Gizmo’s read speeds are more than twice as fast as OCZ's Mini-Kart and Kingston's DataTraveler, and its write speeds are 30 percent faster. This kind of performance has a price, however, as the Gizmo is twice as expensive per gig as these other two.

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Altec Lansing BB2001

A judicious application of bass can go a long way toward making up for the sonic shortcomings of a small speaker system.

Auto Assault

Screw all that mystic and magical MMO crap. Hop into a car and blow something up, will ya!


Sennheiser MX55 VC Street

Even after finding a good fit, many people have trouble with earbuds inexorably sliding out of their ear canal. Sennheiser thinks it has the solution—it’s called Twist-to-Fit— but we found this invention to be far worse than the problem.

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Scythe Mine

Scythe is a newcomer to the U.S. cooling market, and is trying to establish itself as the go-to company for monstrous heatsinks that—like Zalman’s—offer quiet cooling. We reviewed the company’s Ninja Plus cooler in July, and were impressed by its silent operation. The Mine runs just as quiet, but suffers several major flaws.

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Creative Zen V Plus 1GB

We've seen Lilliputian MP3 players before, but Creative has taken the concept a step further with the Zen V Plus: This change-purse-size device boasts a vivid 1.5-inch OLED screen for viewing photos and videos.