Plextor PX-B900A

When is a Plextor drive a Plextor drive? Certainly not when it’s a Panasonic.

To get onboard the Blu-ray train in a hurry, Plextor rebadged a Panasonic SW-5582 Blu-ray drive as its own. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Invaluable firmware updates will come from Plextor and not some Pac Rim outfit. And to be fair, the Panasonic’s far better than the first-gen Pioneer Blu-ray drive we reviewed in October, which couldn’t even read CDs.

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Soundcast iCast

The ever expanding world of iPod's and their peripherals epands once again, with the iCast's improved features and sleek design.

EVGA e-GeForce 7900 GS Signature Series

EVGA's low-price Geforce card can keep your current machine gaming, but does its performance warrant a standing ovation?

ATI Radeon X1950 Pro

Though lacking in Direct 3D 10 capabilities, the X1950 Pro's value and performance make it a choice to consider.

Yamaha RX-V2700 A/V Receiver

Yamaha launches itself to the front of the convergent media pack with its new all-in-one receiver unit.

CivCity Rome

Micromanagement comes to the Roman Empire, but does CivCity Rome's offerings appease the Gods?

The Ship

A mod for Half Life 2 turned Indie release, The Ship takes twitch reflexes out of the mix and substitutes a healthy dose of wit.


MemoriesOnTV Pro 3.0

Garage developers have coded some of the most amazing software available today—including MemoriesOnTV Pro. Version 3.0 of Codejam’s powerful slide show maker packs in a ton of new features and improvements yet maintains the friendly design that we’ve long loved about the app.

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Photo Finale

Remember when your high school counselor asked you about your life goals? Remember when you told her that you just wanted to finish high school? Remember when she sighed and told you to set your goals a little higher? The folks at Trevoli should do the same thing with Photo Finale.

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A-Data Show Me Disk 2GB

Now this is cool. the Show Me Disk includes an 11-character readout that displays any name you create for your key. Whatever you you type into Windows Explorer shows up on the key’s display, so people will know its “Josh’s key,” or they’ll see that “Cats rule,” maybe. The display also features a pie chart and numerical rating for the available capacity, which is wicked-awesome. You just glance at the pie or the number to find out how much space you have left. We love these features! There’s one tiny problem: This key is slow as molasses in a New York winter. It’s so slow we grew a beard transferring 1GB of data to the device. We then had ample time to shave said beard reading that 1GB of data from the key.

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