Creative Zen V Plus 1GB

We've seen Lilliputian MP3 players before, but Creative has taken the concept a step further with the Zen V Plus: This change-purse-size device boasts a vivid 1.5-inch OLED screen for viewing photos and videos.


Samsung HD400LJ

Even though Seagate’s behemoth 750GB Barracuda is getting all the love from the media these days, most people can’t afford a drive that spacious. The sweet spot is still at 300-400GB drives, but even those prices fluctuate. Enter the SpinPoint HD400LJ—a drive that offers both ample room and extreme affordability.

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Netgear WNR854T

Netgear's WNR854T commands a $10 premium over Linksys' WRT300N, a cost that's easily justified by the former products' features and performance.

Linksys Wireless-N WRT300N Ver. 1

If you insist that your high-tech gear look the part, you'll dig the paddle-shaped antenna on Linksys' WRT300N.


Fujifilm FinePix V10

Are digital cameras now headed in the direction of “smartphones”? gotta wonder when you hear about a point-and-shoot camera games—what’s next, a camera that makes phone calls?

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Pioneer BD-R 101A Blu-ray Drive

Blu-ray has finally arrived, and like a lot of first-gen products, it’s big on price, but not so big on performance. Sure, we used it in the Dream Machine last month, and we stand by that decision. The Dream Machine is all about the bleeding-edge—it boasted a beta BIOS, a beta chipset, and a Blu-ray drive too, damn it, despite despite the fact that Blu-ray movies and blank media are incredibly scarce.

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Falcon Northwest Mach V

There's an annual event here at the magazine: We set performance records every September with the Dream Machine and before we can finish guzzling the celebratory beer, Falcon Northwest shows up to pee on our parade.

Belkin N1 Wireless Router

Belkin picked Atheros' XSPAN Draft 802.11n chipset for the N1, which we tested with the company's matching N1 Wireless Notebook card.

Buffalo Nfiniti Draft-N Wireless Router

A big yellow button on the Nfiniti's box screams "Exceed Wireless Limits!" But in our experience, the only limit Buffalo managed to exceed is the one governing hype.


Western Digital Passport Pocket 6GB

The Passport Pocket is slow. Way slow. Its read speed of our 3GB test file (590 seconds) was two minutes slower than that of the PNY and the Verbatim drives, and its write speed (636 sec) was three minutes slower than the PNY. That’s just ridiculous.

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