ATI Radeon X1950 Pro

Though lacking in Direct 3D 10 capabilities, the X1950 Pro's value and performance make it a choice to consider.

Yamaha RX-V2700 A/V Receiver

Yamaha launches itself to the front of the convergent media pack with its new all-in-one receiver unit.

Logic3 iStation 8

Fancy-pants modeling and a new song collecting feature keep the iStation 8 and its mediocre sound quality afloat, if only partially.


Razer Krait

We’ve traditionally slammed Razer mice because their oversize buttons are too easy to accidentally click and their low-profile ambidextrous design hurts our hands over long sessions. The new Krait ditches the obnoxious, impossible-to-click side buttons that we detested on the Copperhead model and streamlines the overall shape of the mouse, for a mousing experience that had us pleasantly surprised.

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GuardID ID Vault

Today’s simple username/password system is a single-factor authentication mechanism—your credentials are the only information necessary. When an evildoer has that information, whether it was stolen with a keylogger or a “phishing” email, you’re screwed.

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Thermaltake Symphony Mini

Can a CPU water cooling unit from Thermaltake keep your case cool and quiet?


MSI K9N SLI Platinum

We loved MSI’s last nForce4 board so much that we gave it a Kick Ass award and even bumped the Asus A8N32-SLI board from our Best Of The Best list. Unfortunately, MSI was so late to the nForce4 SLI x16 party that the board debuted right on the cusp of the AM2 launch; thus its lifespan was brief, and product was impossible to find.

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