Keyspan TuneView for iPod

The Keyspan TuneView for iPod is something you never knew you needed; the remote control docking system proves its worth.

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock Zen

Batteries or AC. Video-out or stereo line-in. We like options. And so we like the Cambridge Soundworks PlayDock Zen.  

TBI Audio Systems Majestic Diamond I Speakers

We love little speakers that deliver big sound--especially the new Majestic Diamond I from TBI Audio Systems


Doghouse Electronics RoverTv Wide Screen

Doghouse Electronics’s RoverTv sits up and begs comparison to the Archos 604, which we named the best digital media player of 2006. But we found this dog just a bit mangy.

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Belkin SportCommand Wireless iPod Controller

This remote costs how much? The Belkin SportCommand is a solid way to interact with your iPod, provided you aren't stuck in a snow drift.


Razer Barracuda AC-1

As we said with the Auzentech, we’re impressed when companies go above and beyond reference designs for products. Razer’s Barracuda AC-1 is such a product. Though it uses the same C-Media Oxygen HD chip as the X-Meridian, you wouldn’t think the two cards were related.

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Auzentech Auzen X-Meridian 7.1

Soundcards, like videocards, tend to have cookie-cutter designs; products that use the same chipsets look virtually the same.

That wasn’t the approach Auzentech took when it put down the traces for its Auzen X-Meridian 7.1 card. Auzentech says it carefully crafted a custom PCB and added components to get the best possible audio from the card, which is based on C-Media’s top-shelf CMI8788 Oxygen HD “audio processor.” We believe it, too. The board’s traces, layout, and components are vastly different than those of the Razer AC-1 soundcard, which also uses the CMI 8788 Oxygen HD chip.

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