Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD Review

Samsung 840 Pro

Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Review 

Samsung brings considerable resources to bear as the world’s largest manufacturer of flash memory, and it has quite a stellar track record in this market, as well. The 470 Series in early 2011 earned a verdict of 8 from us, and the 830 Series, which came out at the end of 2011, received not only a 9/Kick Ass but a spot on our vaunted Best of the Best list as the fastest solid state drive money can buy. That’s a tough record to beat, but the company is trying to do just that with its all-new 840 Series SSDs, available in Pro and non-Pro versions. We focus on the Pro model in this review.



Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB Review

Corsair Neutron GTXCorsair Neutron GTX 240GB Review

Corsair’s Neutron GTX is the first solid-state drive to arrive in the Lab sporting a brand-new eight-channel controller from a company named Link A Media Devices (LAMD for short). The controller promises top-notch I/O performance, especially in a multitasking environment, making this a drive specifically targeted at hardcore enthusiasts—which is you, since you’re reading this.


OCZ Vertex 4 256GB Review

OCZ Vertex 4 256GB

OCZ has typically reserved its Vertex label for the highest-performing SSDs in a given generation—using synchronous NAND, for example, rather than the asynchronous NAND found in its less expensive Agility series. The 256GB Vertex 4 carries on that tradition, with 16 128Gb IMFT 25nm synchronous NAND packages on a board with 512MB of DDR3 DRAM cache and OCZ’s new Indilinx Everest 2 controller.

The Everest 2 controller in the Vertex 4 is a modified Marvell controller with custom Indilinx firmware.