Jabra S5010 Speaker Dock

Jabra’s S5010 speaker dock will knock your socks off--or at least one.


iAsus Concepts Mobile Amp

With all the legitimate warnings about hearing damage induced by in-ear headphones, you might think a portable headphone amp is the last thing on-the-go music listeners need. But that’s not going to stop us from praising this tiny doodad. Don’t get us wrong: Listening to music played at high sound-pressure levels will absolutely damage your hearing over time.

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Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock Zen

Batteries or AC. Video-out or stereo line-in. We like options. And so we like the Cambridge Soundworks PlayDock Zen.  

TBI Audio Systems Majestic Diamond I Speakers

We love little speakers that deliver big sound--especially the new Majestic Diamond I from TBI Audio Systems

Zvox 325

The Zvox will deliver room filling sound from anything from music to movies, but how can it fit into your life?

Soundcast iCast

The ever expanding world of iPod's and their peripherals epands once again, with the iCast's improved features and sleek design.

Klipsch iGroove HG

With its flexible docking port, Klipsch brings your mobile tunes to your home system, no matter the device.

Logic3 iStation 8

Fancy-pants modeling and a new song collecting feature keep the iStation 8 and its mediocre sound quality afloat, if only partially.