Asus WL-700gE Wireless Storage Router

Asus has solved one of the most common problems download junkies face: By marrying a Wi-Fi router with a hard drive and built-in BitTorrent client, the company has eliminated the need for you to leave your power-hungry PC running 24/7.

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Zyxel PL-100 Powerline Adapter

The Zyxel PL-100 uses the same Intellon INT 5500CS chipset that Netgear’s XE104 uses (reviewed May 2006), and the results are predictable: In our bandwidth tests, we managed a mere 1.2Mb/s—slower than our DSL line.

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Netgear HDX-B101

Brace yourself for this one, folks: The HDX-B101 powerline networking hardware actually delivers on its performance claims. Take a moment to breathe.

The bottom line is that the HDX-B101 is fast enough to stream video—even high-definition video—from your media server to your living room.

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Netgear WNR854T

Netgear's WNR854T commands a $10 premium over Linksys' WRT300N, a cost that's easily justified by the former products' features and performance.

Linksys Wireless-N WRT300N Ver. 1

If you insist that your high-tech gear look the part, you'll dig the paddle-shaped antenna on Linksys' WRT300N.

Belkin N1 Wireless Router

Belkin picked Atheros' XSPAN Draft 802.11n chipset for the N1, which we tested with the company's matching N1 Wireless Notebook card.

Buffalo Nfiniti Draft-N Wireless Router

A big yellow button on the Nfiniti's box screams "Exceed Wireless Limits!" But in our experience, the only limit Buffalo managed to exceed is the one governing hype.

IOGear Multi-Function Print Server

Host PC requirements keep 10Gear's otherwise handy multi-function printing device from living up to its full potential.


Sprint PC-5740 EVDO Card

If you’re the kind of road warrior who has spent an hour driving around aimlessly looking for an unsecured wireless router to check your email, it might be time to invest in EVDO service.

EVDO, which stands for evolution data optimized, offers “broadband-like” speeds using the CDMA mobile phone network. Such technology has been available for some time but never at the affordable prices it is today.

Sprint’s Mobile Broadband package is available two ways: $40 for 40MB of usage and one-tenth of a cent per additional kilobyte, or all you can eat for $60 (provided you have a voice account with Sprint.)

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Netgear XE104

Say goodbye to slow network speeds as you blaze by with the Powerline's extreme 85 megabit data transfer rate.