ViewSonic NexTV VMP75 Review

Given that ViewSonic’s core business revolves around computer monitors and business-oriented video projectors, we weren’t expecting all that much when we unboxed their NexTV VMP75 media streamer. Wow, did we ever underestimate.

Seagate GoFlex TV Review

The feature that separates Seagate’s GoFlex TV from the competition is its ability to harbor one of Seagate’s own 2.5-inch GoFlex portable SATA hard drives inside the device. What’s that, you say? All your portable hard drives use USB? Not to worry, as the GoFlex TV will host external USB drives, too, much like the media streamers from ViewSonic and Western Digital.


iRiver E100 Digital Media Player

iRiver’s new E100 digital media player offers a several terrific
features, including a MicroSD memory slot, FLAC and OGG support, and
the ability to record audio (there’s a built-in mic and a line-level input). Unfortunately, all that goodness is undermined by the device’s many flaws.

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