Dynapower USA Hachiman

When Dynapower’s Hachiman case hit the Maximum PC Lab, we were immediately taken aback by the coolness of its paint job. We’ve never been fans of anime, nor do we normally consider a case’s aesthetics during a review. That said, the Hachiman definitely gets points for looks. It’s not perfect; the paint has a bumpy, orange-peel texture, the decals don’t line up, and only half of the case’s chassis has a beautiful black undercoat. The other half is standard, butt-ugly gray.

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Ultra Products E-Torque Midtower Case

Reviewing Ultra Products’s E-Torque case is a bit challenging because this product is a strange mixture of good and great. And we’re not sure if that means it’s “grood” or “goodate.”

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NZXT Adamas

Tough doesn't begin to describe this sturdy midtower case. Its classy chassis will protect your PC from harm, and look good doing it!

Cooler Master iTower 930

This confusing midtower is no joy to work in--and the only thing that makes us unhappier than its plastic-y exterior is its awkward cooling scheme.

Mobile Edge SecurePack

Despite its imposing appearance and room for a 17-inch laptop, the Mobile Edge SecurePack is second only to Tumi's bag in its light weight.

Tom Bihn Brain Bag

Tom Bihn calls this the ultimate organizer, and sure enough the Brain Bag looks like it would be more at home on the shoulders of a mountaineer than an egghead.