Tree Hugging Hard Drives!

It may not be solar powered, but Western Digital's new environmentally friendly hard drives could save you power, and money!


Nathan "Butters the Intern" Edwards sheds some light on the hardships of working for Maximum PC

Tivoization: A Creeping Menace? or Not A Big Deal, Really?

The latest version of the GPL waffles on the question of user modification of software in consumer products. But what should they have done?

Protect Your Linux Box from Viruses

If you think Linux is virus-free, you're just plain wrong. But protecting your Linux PC couldn't be easier.

Amp’d Mobile Shuts Down

Wireless provider sends text message to users saying it will cease operations on July 24

Windows Vista's been giving short shrift to NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire dual-GPU setups. Get the solution!

China Pwns Teenage Gamers

New rules force Chinese internet gaming companies to tell their underaged users to get up off the couch already. The regulations do not, however, address showering or drinking caseloads of Mountain Dew.


This week, the gang steps away from their celebration of International Chess Day to bring you the latest news about Penryn, Net neutrality, and Net radio


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