Oops! Somebody Left Out the Avivo HD!

ATI's new HD 2K series includes three GPUs. Can you guess which one leaves out hardware-accelerated HD video playback?


Dell 2407WFP-HC

The popular 24-inch LCD gets a mid-life update with the addition of “High Color.” How does it compare to its predecessor?

Filesharing and National Security

You must be asking yourself: who would be dumb enough to attack P2P for supposed problems with national security? The answer, as it so often is: Congress, that's who's dumb enough.

Valve and Crytek won’t support PhysX any time soon

Epic Games is starting to look lonely in its support for hardware physics acceleration.

Screw Cable Management!

The prettiest way to wrap your cables should hardly be your biggest worry when you're modifying or building a sweet rig.

Think Gig! Time to Shop for Gigabit Ethernet Hardware

With Gigabit Ethernet storage devices abounding, it's time to look for routers with faster ports.

Tree Hugging Hard Drives!

It may not be solar powered, but Western Digital's new environmentally friendly hard drives could save you power, and money!


Nathan "Butters the Intern" Edwards sheds some light on the hardships of working for Maximum PC