Preserving Originals in Windows Vista Photo Gallery

Don't tell me you edited the only picture of Aunt Masie and Uncle Phillipe together, and cut out Uncle Phillipe?!? We've got to get back the original! He's wanted in ten states!

Nuke Second Life from its Virtual Orbit

If you're in a virtual world, and you don't have a sword at the ready, Dave Murphy thinks you are wasting your life and your time.


Still need to run Windows apps? Have a glass of Wine

Wine runs Windows programs on your Linux PC, so you don't have to dual boot

Mod Lit

There's a wealth of modding information out there from people who actually wrote the book. Literally.

Preventing “Oh Crap!” moments

When "it" hits the fan, there are a few tricks you can use to troubleshoot just about any computer situation.

How to Become An Internet Tycoon

With this new technology from Meraki Networks, you can become a small-scale ISP.


No BS Podcast #19 - The Early Edition

1.21 Gigawatts! The Maximum PC gang records this week's podcast from the past, discussing new PCI Express 2.0 specs, the world's thinnest laptop, and... The Jiggler!


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