Maximum PC Goes to Comic-Con

The Maximum PC staff traveled to Comic-Con in San Diego to meet readers and teach people how to kick ass at games

OCZ Goes Public with SPD-Z Utility

OCZ's new utility lets you reprogram your RAM's SPD settings, leaving Paul Lilly to wonder 'Why?'

FISA Taken Out Behind Shed, Shot

Say hello to the shambling corpse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Zombies are still cool, right?


No BS Podcast #29—The "What Day Is It?" Edition

No, it's not Friday's a special Tuesday edition of the podcast. Different day, same tech news you love.


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Lenovo Launches Linux Laptops

As a second major vendor launches preinstalled Linux PCs in 2007, the future is looking bright for open source.


Where Are the 'Missing' Microsoft Users in Iowa?

If you're an Iowa-based Microsoft user, time is running out to stake your claim to a $179 million settlement.