This week, the gang steps away from their celebration of International Chess Day to bring you the latest news about Penryn, Net neutrality, and Net radio


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Thar She Blows!

It’s a rite of passage - a modding initiation. How it's done is one of the more often asked questions. Installing the ubiquitous blow hole! The Manta shows you the way.

Web Radio Between A Rock And A Hard Place

SoundExchange offers webcasting a "your wallet or your life"-type deal: get out of paying new rates that would drive small broadcasters out of business... in exchange for implementing DRM


Another social network is imploding? Not yet, but Facebook's writing is on the wall, and the site's developers share the blame with its users.

Time to Freshen Up DirectX 9.0c - and 10, Too

Microsoft has a refresh for DirectX - and you might be surprised who needs it.

A Reason To Finally Use Vista

Want to build a 4TB array in a Windows OS? Here's your check list for how to do it

New Video Game Sparks Old Question

Controversial video games are nothing new (just ask Rockstar Games), but does there come a point where we draw the line?

How Did You Shoot That Photo? The Metadata Knows...

Can't remember the digital magic behind your favorite photos? The camera's got you covered. Here's how to find out what it knows.

Google's Everlasting Cookies

Google has announced that its cookies will now expire after two years of google-inactivity. It sounds nice, but the privacy impact is negligible.