ITunes Alternatives

There’s more out there than iTunes. Here's a look at a few options that offer features that Apple's music store does not.

Catching a Glow

The Manta checks out some new glow-in-the-dark latex paint. You think this stuff is pet safe?

Teen Text Message Champ Wins $25K

Text messaging paid big bucks for little Morgan Pozgar, but Paul Lilly wonders if we're paying a bigger price by encouraging this up and coming sport.

Stop Spam, One Email at a Time

With a disposable email address, you can sign up for online services without any negative impact to your Inbox

It's my party, and I'll link who I want to

Linking policies are the stupidest thing Dave Murphy has ever seen. It's 2007 -- why the heck are these things still on the Web?


No BS Podcast #15

This week we talk about the Digg riots, Dell selling Ubuntu, and the death of the UMPC (you remember, it's Orgami)


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Welcome to the Windows Blog

Mark Soper debuts the newest blog in town, and it's [A fatal exception has occurred. The current teaser will be terminated.]

The Difference Between Standards and “Standards”

When you shop for new technology, you should be aware that some standards are more standard than others.


Your gaming press-pass

Norman Chan straps on his railgun and gets the inside scoop from a recent Sierra Games press event!