No BS Podcast #15

This week we talk about the Digg riots, Dell selling Ubuntu, and the death of the UMPC (you remember, it's Orgami)


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Welcome to the Windows Blog

Mark Soper debuts the newest blog in town, and it's [A fatal exception has occurred. The current teaser will be terminated.]

The Difference Between Standards and “Standards”

When you shop for new technology, you should be aware that some standards are more standard than others.


Your gaming press-pass

Norman Chan straps on his railgun and gets the inside scoop from a recent Sierra Games press event!

Buh-Bye, DVI

A new digital video interface is clearly in order, but which standard will matter for PC users?

Dave to Fort Bend: You Suck, Too

Some Texas school officials have yet to learn that video games [not-equal-sign] terrorism. But Associate Editor Dave Murphy has no problem spelling it out for them.

Nvidia Announces Its 8800 Ultra (And the Snoring Begins)

Nvidia continues its strategy of preempting ATI's new product announcments, but will anyone really care about this one?

You say Ketchup, I say catch-up...

Associate Editor Dave Murphy answers readers' burning questions; offends MPAA; hides from lawyers, Will

Fragging for Fun and Profit, scheduled to launch later this month, will allow gamers to deathmatch for cash.