Maximum Modding News: November

Cheap fans, site face lifts, and Kikboxes launches a new house-o-bling!

Daily News Brief: Read Marvel Comics Online!

Marvel brings unlimited comics online, robot cockroaches fool the real deal, Firefox 3 to retain 80% of bugs, AMD sells 9% stake, and more!

A New Kind of Radio

Too lazy to copy music to your MP3 player? Check out the new Slacker Radio.

Daily News Brief: Virus Found on Some Seagate Drives!

A batch of external drives ship with a virus, XBox Live celebrates 5 years, Comcast sued, internal Blu-ray drive dips to $199, and much more!

Colleges as Copyright Cops?

A new federal financial aid bill includes unprecedented copyright provisions calling on universities to curb students' filesharing.

Daily News Brief: File for Divorce Online!

New site lets Florida residents file for divorce online, developers downplay DX10.1, face recognition coming to digital cameras, and much more!

Daily News Brief: Win Firefox Swag!

Learn how to enter Mozilla's Firefox 2 contest, Penryn launch official, new Zune players, cyber bullying, and more!