Daily News Brief: Hacking Firefox 3!

Force unsupported FF3 extensions to download, see what questions surround Mac OS X 10.6, Comcast increases upload speeds, and much more!


No BS Podcast #70 The "Is It Time to Buy a Mac?" Edition

This week, Tom, Will, Dave, Norm, and Andy discuss whether it's time for you to give some of your hard-earned cash to Steve Jobs, specifically, whether a MacBook is your best bet if you're in the market for a new notebook. We also answer your tech questions, and Gordon takes a few shots at his coworkers--it's all on this week's No BS Podcast!


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Daily News Brief: Has Kuma Been Canned?

Rumors suggest AMD is cancelling upcoming Kuma processors, Wal-Mart wants to fix your PC, Google co-founder books flight to outer space, and much more!

Firefox 3 RC3 Now Available, But You Might Not Need It

Firefox 3's RC3 is now ready, but if you're not running MacOS, you might already have the latest Release Candidate. Confused? We'll explain it to you - now.


Distributor claims Blu-ray technology being adopted faster than DVD players were 11 years ago, AT&T mulls usage based internet billing, Microsoft cracking down on counterfeiters, and much more!


A Spoonful of Caviar

Western Digital's late to the party with its three-platter, high-performance terabyte drive, but here it is nevertheless: the Caviar Black.