Micro Batching Bondo

Polyester resins like Bondo are a modder’s best friend. Unfortunately, they are also designed to be mixed in large batches. This little tip will have you mixing 2 ounces at a time --just enough, not too much.


No BS Podcast #21 - The Tuesday Edition

Welcome to the super-special Tuesday edition of the No BS podcast. Today we talk about Safari, the discrete soundcard, and a whole lot more!


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Fedora 7 Rivals Ubuntu's Ease of Use

The latest rev of Fedora Linux gives Ubuntu's easy install options a run for their money, and adds smart, simple security, to boot.

Trying to Avoid WoW... and Failing

Trying to avoid World of Warcraft is next to impossible nowadays. This is the tale of one poor, Maximum PC editor's complete destruction.

Problems Connecting to Games for Windows Live? Read this.

Common VPN software can keep you from logging into your Live account from your PC. Will Smith tells you how to remove it

XP Strikes Back with Windows Desktop Search

Send Rover to the dog pound: there's a better way to search in Windows XP

Games for Windows is a Total Port of Xbox Live

And lord knows, Dave Murphy is getting sick of these BS, unoriginal experiences. Aren't you?


No BS Podcast #20 - The Beer & Burritos Edition

The Maximum PC Staff gets hopped up on giant burritos and cheap beers and bring you the latest tech news.


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Get Your Windows Service Pack Road Map Here

Find out how long you have until your next Windows service pack... or how much time you have left.