Open Up to Open Formats

Why you should (but may find it difficult to) use open formats for all your files.

NSA Wiretapping News

ACLU's case against NSA warrantless wiretapping gets overturned for lack of standing. What is standing? Erin Simon is glad you asked.

A final 802.11n standard is still a year or more away, but the Wi-Fi Alliance has decided to start testing anyway

Atari Packrat Looks for a Paycheck

How much would you pay for 350 pounds of Atari memorabilia? According to Southby's auction house, it could fetch up to $250K!

Copyright Infringement Hits Second Life

One fake person sues another fake person over a nonexistent object. You can find a way to get anything into court.

$100K Get Rich Quick iPhone Scheme Backfires

Buying a store's entire stock of iPhones and selling them on EBay may have seemed like a good idea, but as one woman learned, always read the rules…

The Casting Call: Smooth-Cast 300

Casting hard plastic parts and bling in less than 30 minutes? Why yes, yes you can.

No matter where you are, it's a different time somewhere else. Stop guessing about when to play or when to call with Microsoft Time Zone.

GrandCentral Offers One Number for Your Telecom Needs

Google's recent acquisition simplifies your phone life with advanced call screening and other features—and fuels speculation that the Internet giant is getting ready to enter the VoIP market

Lala Revisited

CD-trading site just keeps getting better. Now they've introduced a very cool--and free--music-sharing service.