Send Windows Desktop Search Packing - Now!

Windows Desktop Search slows down Windows XP - so now Microsoft makes it a standard update! Stop laughing and learn how to stop WDS from putting the brakes on your PC.

Daily News Brief: Italian Bloggers Shushed

Italy looks to tax bloggers, perplexing iPhone sales numbers, AMD tri-core details emerge, a Seagate settlement, and several more companies make today's headlines!


It's the all-reader-question edition of the Maximum PC Podcast! Your questions; our answers -- just the way a Podcast was meant to be.


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Linksys Goes Dual Band

Linksys' new WRT600N wireless router utilizes bandwidth in both the 2.4- and 5GHz wireless spectrums.

Got Adobe Acrobat or Reader 8.1? The "Fix" Is In

... the "Mailto" URI vulnerability fix, that is. Find out how to get the updates and learn which Acrobat and Reader users are still at risk.

Daily News Brief: AT&T to Offer Napster Downloads

AT&T will carry Napster's entire music library, XBox 360 may get an integrated Toshiba HD-DVD drive, Live Search gets mad game, free tech support, and more!

Hitachi Debuts Energy-Friendly Drive

The power-saving P7K500 is Hitachi's first hard drive that has energy savings on the brain... and/or buffer.

Cutting a Circular Window: Part Deux

With the covert work finished, it's time to cut through some metal and get this panel window lined!