Mod Blog: Dremel's EZLock System

No more hunting for that lost arbor screw you dropped while switching out a cutting wheel. Dremel's EZLock system will have you changing wheels faster than a NASCAR pit crew.

Testing the Linksys DMA2200 Media Center Extender

We installed the Linksys DMA2200 in the media room at Maximum PC Lab North.

Mod Shop: Quarterfinals ending!

January's Mod Shop tournament is drawing to a close, and we need your votes!

There's an Official Maximum PC Team Fortress 2 Server? You Betcha!

We've teamed up with PC Gamer and NuclearFallout to offer a dedicated Team Fortress 2 gaming environment, for your fragging pleasure!

Legit and Illegitimate Streaming Music offers free streaming full-length songs on demand with the studios' blessing, while Seeqpod the music search engine gets sued.

Ed Word: The Maximum PC Promise to Readers

Will Smith sets the record straight on the crowbar separation between advertising and editorial content.