Al-Qaeda Using Fallout 3 to Plan Terror Attacks? Unlikely!

A London newspaper is reporting that Islamic extremists are using computer-generated renders of a demolished Washington DC to plan their next attack. Turns out it’s just Fallout 3 concept art. Doh!

Windows News: The Living, Loving, Upgrading Edition

Voting to keep XP alive, learning how to run TechNet Sysinternals straight from a command prompt without downloading, and improving HDTV support and game performance for ATI: it's all here!

Daily News Brief: Are You Allergic to Wi-Fi?

Santa Fe group wants public Wi-Fi banned, download Postal 2 multiplayer for free, supercar to get 220+ MPG, and much more!

Celebrate (?!) Vacation Season with Microsoft Updates

Microsoft welcomes the unofficial start of summer with a bunch of updates for Windows users (including the first update for XP SP3!). Find out what need fixing - and how to fix it.

Daily News Brief: See What's Shakin' with SSDs!

Samsung breaks both speed and capacity records in SSD market, Borders breaks off partnership with, holographic video conferencing a reality, and much more!