Al-Qaeda Using Fallout 3 to Plan Terror Attacks? Unlikely!

A London newspaper is reporting that Islamic extremists are using computer-generated renders of a demolished Washington DC to plan their next attack. Turns out it’s just Fallout 3 concept art. Doh!

Windows News: The Living, Loving, Upgrading Edition

Voting to keep XP alive, learning how to run TechNet Sysinternals straight from a command prompt without downloading, and improving HDTV support and game performance for ATI: it's all here!

Daily News Brief: Are You Allergic to Wi-Fi?

Santa Fe group wants public Wi-Fi banned, download Postal 2 multiplayer for free, supercar to get 220+ MPG, and much more!

Celebrate (?!) Vacation Season with Microsoft Updates

Microsoft welcomes the unofficial start of summer with a bunch of updates for Windows users (including the first update for XP SP3!). Find out what need fixing - and how to fix it.

Daily News Brief: See What's Shakin' with SSDs!

Samsung breaks both speed and capacity records in SSD market, Borders breaks off partnership with, holographic video conferencing a reality, and much more!

Online and Security News Roundup, Memorial Day Edition

Discover how to make IE8 act like IE7, discover which platform renders rich internet frameworks faster, find out what Vista's User Account Control is good for, and how GPS technology is helping make smarter-than-laser-guided weapons possible.


Daily News Brief: Microsoft Still Confident with Zune

Microsoft responds to GameStop's decision to drop the Zune, Samsung releases eco-friendly terabyte drive, Pirate Bay's days may be numbered, and more!